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Article I

Right to Vote
Right to Disagree
Rigth to serve in army
Right to a accurate court
Right to Fair trial
Freedom of speech

Bill of Right

This bill is in place to protect and up hold the rights of the people and will ensure that the peoples rights are not violated. Under no circumstances will any rights be taken from a citizen. Unless of course you have be found guilty of a major crime. Under no circumstances will any right be taken from a group or specific person. Never shall a right apply to one group and not the other.

Article II

Each right has it exceptions this article will explain why each right can be taken or totally removed for that person. The right to vote is a optional right if you vote you are using that right to influence the future of the Empire. If you choose not to vote then you have no say in what happens. The right to vote will be taken if you repeatedly break laws or if you commit a major crime like treason. The right to Disagree means you can disagree with what the government says you can put forward another solution to replace the one you disagree with. Although you will not get your way all the time. We will try to put in key parts of your suggestion. This rigt is also an optional right if you don't speak up then we can't do anything. this right will never be taken because taking away the right puts us on the road to a Dictatorship. The right to serve in the army is another optional right this right allows you to be able to say yes I include myself into the Empires Army. This right will be taken if you commit a war crime like attacking when you don't have clearence or attacking a Clan leader. Right to an accurate court is not optional. This right promises you that the court system will gather evidence before accusing anybody. After they gather evidence the Law Concuil will deliberate. Fair trial ties in with an accurate court fair trial means you'll be able to state your case In certain cases you'll be pardon of the crime. Freedom of speech ties in with right to disagree but this law also allows you to say certain thing about how things are ran.

Breaking in-game rules or Empire Laws will result in some rights being revoked for a certain amount of time

Article III

This Article handles annexation or the process in which a clan is diplomatically under the Empires control. The Ministry will control this process standards must be match to be annexed or accepted into the Empire.

Standards of Annexation.

Must atleast have or be able to hold 6 or more members.
Must have a capital that stays over 100Gold.
Must have a hual of 1200kg Meat
Must be able to function under the control and law of the Empire
More will soon be added...


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