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Article I


Prime Minister- Will help run the Empire and govern all clan that are apart of the empire.

Military Minister- Will be responsible for Warfare and fighting other clans. Also will be able to declare war.

Foreign Minister- Will be responsible for allies and managing allies and NAPs. Will have to work with Military Minister.

Annexation Minister- Will be in charge of annexing and formly inviting clans to become part of the Empire. Also will keep the peace between clans that are part of the Empire.

Law Minister- 5 people will hold this rank they will basically create laws for the Empire.

If for any reason your are unable to fulfill your job you will be stripped of your diplomatic power.

Article II

The Ministry is a branch of the government and is under control of the Emperor this does not mean that the Ministry cannot function wthout the Emperor but simply states that if it comes down to it the Emperor has last say.The Ministry was created and is here to lighten the load of work that falls on the Emperor. Under no circumstance is any Minister to us his or her power to provoke war with other clans or to spark civil war amongst the United Clans. The Ministry is a branch of the government and is under control of the Emperor.


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