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Article I


Emperor- Has the task of running the entire Empire. And the well being of his people.

Emperess- Has the task of running the entire empire along side the Emperor.

Prince- He is the most important of the bloodline because he and only he will inherit the Empire.

Princess- She will aid her brother the prince in ruling once he has inherited the throne. Or has a temporary inheritence.

Article II

In order for the prince to inherit the throne the Emperor must step down. Or if the Emperor tells that he'll be gone for a while then there will be a temporary inheritence of the throne. But under no circumstance shall the prince have any law passed that aims to keep him in power or give Emperorship to another person. Under no circumstance is the prince during his temporary inheritence to make any government reforms or any change in the Empires function this can cause confusion, misunderstandings and ultimately civil war.

Article III

If at any time a royal member is attacked or told they will be attacked immediate militay action will take place. For no reason should a Royal fake a threat or attack because this will lead to wrongful accusment and eventually war. If ever found guilty of faking an attack the Royal family member will th disowned and replaced.


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